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Podcast Episodes

Movies to Inspire Travel

These fantastic movies (in all genres) really showcase their worldwide settings and will give you wanderlust!

Iconic Street Food Around the World

Here’s some of the most popular & delicious food you can eat while wandering the globe!

Essential Camping Gear

Here’s a list of basic camping gear to get you started, plus a few upgrades/extras for more comfort and ease!

Best Road Trip Gear

Before you head out on the open road, check out this useful gear to make your trip more convenient and fun!

Best Travel Quotes

Here are some of my favorite inspiring travel quotes!

5 Best Views in the USA

The United States is a beautiful country to explore. Don’t miss these five incredible vistas!

Choosing the Best Travel Camera

Which camera is perfect for your style of travel, needs, and budget? Here are what features you should consider with camera examples in multiple price ranges!

5 Digital Nomad Jobs Anyone Can Do Anywhere

If you’ve ever thought about traveling the world as a digital nomad, check out these 5 jobs anyone can do anywhere!

Sustainable Travel Gear

Learn all about recycled/recyclable, sustainable, and biodegradable gear perfect for eco-friendly travelers.

Books to Inspire Travel

These incredible books prominently feature amazing destinations around the world that will inspire you to travel and see them for yourself!

Travel Hacking with Credit Cards

How do you get started travel hacking with credit card points? Learn all the details and what to look for in a credit card deal.

Winter Minimalist Packing

Even though winter clothes tend to be heavier and bulkier, you can still pack light. Here are my top tips for winter minimalist packing, plus a standard packing list!

Beautiful Foreign Words with No English Translation

There are no words for these unique concepts in English, but there are in other languages.

5 Goofy But Useful Travel Accessories

Insert some fun and practicality into your travel packing with these 5 items that may look a bit odd but are actually quite handy!

5 Iconic Movie Trains You Can Actually Ride

Trains play a big part in some of the most epic and popular movies. And they’re not all fiction! Here are 5 you can ride in real life.

Top 5 Travel Pillows

There are so many different styles of travel pillows with different pros and cons for different types of travel. These are my five favorites!

5 Best Travel Destinations for Movie & TV Geeks

For fangirls and fanboys who love visiting sights and film locations related to their favorite films and programs, these five worldwide destinations are must-visits!

5 Lesser-Known Wacky Festivals Around the World

There are some super weird and fun festivals out there. Here are 5 of the craziest ones you may not have heard of to put on your travel bucket list!

5 Most Ingenious Travel Gadgets

These super cool products make travel so much easier!

5 Ways to Legally Stay Longer Than a Tourist Visa

If you want to live abroad in one country longer than 90 days, a tourist visa is not going to cut it in most of the world. Here are 5 alternatives that will!

5 Features to Look For in a Collapsible Water Bottle

A collapsible water bottle is a must-have travel accessory! But what style suits you best? I’ll go through 5 features to consider.

50+ Unique Travel Gifts

50+ fantastic items you may not have thought of that travelers will love. Check out the full post for links to all and discounts on some!

Top 5 Travel Tips for Introverts

Traveling as an introvert isn’t hard if you know your limits and needs. These 5 tips help make travel easier and more enjoyable for introverts.

5 Ways to Use Your Phone Cheap While Abroad

Using your phone while abroad doesn’t have to be expensive with these 5 great money-saving tips!

5 Best Multi-Functional & Inexpensive Travel Bags

The best travel bags are lightweight, practical, and multi-functional. After a lot of trial and error, here are the 5 best styles I’ve found for budget travelers!

5 Most Versatile Clothes for Travel

In order to pack light, you need versatile clothes. These 5 items are perfect for travel!

5 Websites Every Budget Traveler Needs to Know

Getting the best travel deal is not just about when you book, but where you look! These are 5 of my favorite websites that are extremely useful to budget travelers.

5 Top Toiletries for Carry-On Travel

Having trouble fitting all your liquid toiletries into the small amount required to take them in your carry-on bag? These 5 options help you cut that down by being multi-use, concentrated, and/or not a liquid at all!

5 Tricks for Getting the Cheapest Flight

Flights can be one of the most expensive parts of any travel experience, but there are some easy things you can do be sure you get the best deal possible. Here are 5 top tips for getting the cheapest flight!

5 Tricks to Maximize Credit Card Travel Rewards

Want to get free travel? Learn how to make the most of credit card travel rewards!

5 Immersive, Inexpensive, & Unusual Cultural Experiences

Want to do something different when you travel without breaking the bank? Here are 5 immersive, inexpensive, and unusual cultural experiences that you can check out in scores of countries around the world!


5 Things I Never Travel Without

No matter where I’m going and when these are 5 essential items I never travel without!

5 Ways to Avoid Paying Baggage Fees

Most airlines these days have weight restrictions as well as size restrictions for carry-on suitcases. This episode includes 5 easy tips to make your suitcase lighter and avoid paying to check a bag!


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