5 Goofy But Useful Travel Accessories

There is a lot of crazy gear out there that seems, frankly, ridiculous. If you’re not afraid to look a bit silly, however, a lot of these goofy items are actually quite useful! Don’t be embarrassed or shy about what you like. If something strikes your fancy, give it a go. I’ve tried many an odd piece of travel gear and they’re actually great conversation starters 🙂 Here are five of my favorite slightly loony but surprisingly practical travel accessories.

1. Umbrella Hat

I hate wearing a stuffy raincoat on hot rainy days or getting numb, clammy fingers from clutching an umbrella handle on cold rainy days. An admittedly kooky-looking umbrella hat solves both problems! And it leaves your hands free to carry bags, use your phone, or just keep warm in pockets. Also doubles as shade on sunny days – totally useful!

Wearing mine, I have gotten a lot of looks, smirks, and smiles but also interested and impressed comments. There are several varieties depending on the size, coloring, and price-point you’re after.

2. Scooter Suitcase

No more lugging your luggage through airports and long walks to your accommodation. Take the work out of traveling and add in the fun with a scooter bag! It’ll also increase your speed for tight connections and reduce your physical effort so you don’t arrive a tired, sweaty mess.

Get a basic case with a foot-powered fold-down scooter or opt for the electric powered version you can sit on to get off your feet entirely! Of course, the price varies accordingly… These are great for kids. People might look at you with disbelief as you scoot past them but they’ll be jealous, too 🙂

3. Ostrich Pillow

Every sleepy traveler wants to look like a 19th-century scuba diver, right? You’ll definitely get noticed wearing an ostrich pillow but don’t worry, you won’t see them looking at you from inside your cozy, light-blocking, full-head pillow.

There’s a hole for your nose and mouth to breathe comfortably, plus ones at each ear if you like to sleep on your hands or for your headphones. The nice thing about this pillow is it’s padded all around so no matter which way you sleep or how much you move around as you doze, your head will always be cushioned. There are also smaller versions with less coverage that will pack smaller or be less nutty looking if that’s what you’re after.

4. Head Case Suitcase Cover

Spot your suitcase immediately with this super fun and wacky bag cover. In a sea of black suitcases, yours will certainly stand out. You (and everyone else!) will definitely know who your bag belongs to. Awesome to avoid mix-ups at the baggage carousel or for identifying lost luggage. You choose the photo, so can make it cute, classy, or crazy according to your preference. Opt for one big photo or mix it up with a collage of smaller ones. Click this link to get £5 OFF (~US$6-7)!

5. Wearable Sleeping Bag

Most regular campers know that feeling of waking up on a chilly morning and not wanting to leave their warm and cozy sleeping bags. With a wearable sleeping bag, you don’t have to! These are basically snowsuits like you may have worn as a kid if you grew up in cold climes but designed to be slept in.

There’s a hood, ventilation zippers, and a kangaroo pocket for your hands or phone, etc. The feet zip off so you can use your shoes and wear it out around the campfire. Sure, it looks a bit… eccentric… but also warm and cozy! A more traditional version, basically a normal sleeping bag with convenient feet and arm holes, is also available. Or go full geek and get a Star Wars themed one!

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