5 Dual Voltage Travel Electronics

Different countries have different types of electrical power. When you travel abroad, you’ll most likely need to bring a power adapter in order to plug in electronics from home. But it’s not only the plug style that’s different. There are two different voltages of electricity that are common around the world: 110-120v and 220-240v. It can be very dangerous to use products designed for one voltage in an outlet designed for another. Even some voltage converters (different from power adapters!) can’t handle high powered devices.

Your best bet is to use dual voltage electronics, which can be safely used in different voltage outlets. These products are designed to switch between voltages for optimal functionality and safety. Common travel electronics such as mobile phones, camera batteries, and laptops are typically all dual voltage, so you can charge them while abroad with a simple adapter. Many other products, especially products that produce heat, are not typically dual voltage. There are, however, brands that offer dual voltage options. Be sure to use one of these for travel. Here are five common dual voltage heat-producing travel electronics that can be used anywhere in the world.

Top half is a folded travel hair dryer in a suitcase with clothes and sunglasses. Bottom half is a full suitcase with a travel iron on top. Between them is a white luggage-tag shape with The Global Gadabout logo and the words "5 Dual Voltage Travel Electronics" and "TheGlobalGadabout.com".

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1. Hair Dryer

For those who hate to let their hair dry naturally or need a dryer to produce their chosen hairstyle, try a dual voltage travel hair dryer. Not only is this safe to use with both power voltages, but it is also quite small and folds up for easy packing.

2. Curling Wand/Straightener

A curling iron/wand or hair straightener can certainly produce a lot of heat. Be sure you have a dual voltage one if you want to use it worldwide. If you like hairstyle variety, save on space by getting a curler and straightener in one!

3. Electric Kettle

A collapsible dual voltage electric kettle lets you make hot drinks and food wherever you are. Make a cup of coffee or tea anytime or save money by “kettle cooking” in your accommodation without access to a kitchen. I love this little thing! 

4. Iron

Clothes can easily get quite wrinkled in a suitcase, especially certain fabrics. If you fight wrinkles when traveling, a travel iron might be for you. Press your clothes fresh anywhere you travel with this compact steam iron.

Travel steam iron.
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5. Steamer

An alternative to an iron, a steamer will take the wrinkles out of your clothes. It can also help eliminate odors and kill bedbugs and dust mites. Keep more than your clothes fresh and clean with this dual voltage product!

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Left half is a photo of a travel iron and sweater in a suitcase. Right half is white with the words "5 Dual-Voltage Travel Electronics", "Use Anywhere in the World!" and "TheGlobalGadabout.com".
Orange background with the words "5 Dual Voltage Electronics for International Travel" and "TheGlobalGadabout.com" in white. 3 photos down the right side: steamer steaming a jacket, a folded hair dryer in a suitcase, and a collapsed travel kettle in a suitcase.

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